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About Us

Who we are:
Ambit Energy is a privately owned corporation founded in 2005. CEO Jere Thompson who’s family founded and operates the 7-11 store chain, teamed up with Chris Chambless and other top earners from Excel ommunications, the fastest growing company to reach 1 billion dollars in annual revenue surpassing Microsoft, to form this ground up incredible retail energy service. Ambit is composed of thousands of independent marketing consultants working toward it’s success.

This is a ground floor opportunity like no other.

We currently market Electricity and gas to approximately 25 million customers in Texas and New York. Ambit Energy is expected to begin marketing gas service to Illinois April - May 2008 with 4 to 8 more market areas expected to also come on line in 2008.

What we do:
Most simply …tell others how to save up to 30% on their energy bills while earning valuable travel rewards and how they can make money telling others how to do the same.

The energy company monopolies are being deregulated all over the county similar to the deregulation of the telecom companies in the 1990’s. Ambit is following into these areas offering energy (electricity, gas, or green power) at a discount to area customers while also offering travel and other reward incentives. Ambit distributes this energy to customers only through this network of independent marketing consultants that you can be a part of. Customers pay nothing to switch, there are no switching interruptions and it’s the same reliable source as always... The millions of dollars that are saved on advertising and employee costs are passed on to customers as savings and independent marketing consultants as income.

Upon signing up as a Marketing Consultant, simply add your name and contact information and you instanly have a half dozen or more completely configured websites to help you succeed. You also have a multitude of other marketing tools in the incredible Power Zone (back office) as a team of upline and corporate support to teach you how to succeed. At the single click of your mouse you're in business. You don't need to know anything about energy or even running a business to be successful. Anyone can do it - just let us show you how. All we do is share our money saving / money making experiences with others and watch our businesses grow and prosper.

Our Co-founders
Our co-founders bring invaluable experience and share common values and goals. Ambit Energy is committed to improving the lives of our Consultants, customers and employees. And we are guided by core principles established by our co-founders that emphasize integrity, excellence, commitment and enthusiasm in all that we do.

Mr. Thompson is Co-founder and CEO of Ambit Energy. In 1992, he was at the forefront of the telecommunications industry as it deregulated. He founded CapRock Fiber Networks to build fiber and broadband networks across Texas and neighboring states. As CEO, Mr. Thompson guided CapRock into new markets, took the company public and managed its growth from infancy to 1,300 employees and $300 million in annual revenues. Read more >>>

Mr. Chambless is Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Ambit Energy. As an early member of the management team at Excel Communications, he participated in the development of Excel’s compensation model which attracted over 1 million Independent Representatives. As a Vice President, he was responsible for all aspects of Excel’s marketing and communications organization.

Our Vision
We believe a competitive marketplace is good for consumers and good for the companies who are competing for those customers. Our goal is to be the most attractive, most reliable option for customers in every market where we operate by providing outstanding value, excellent service and the personal touch provided by our growing channel of Independent Marketing Consultants.

Deregulation is changing the retail energy market. Competition is replacing monopolies. Consumers now have a choice of providers. We want to be the provider of choice for customers who are excited about the opportunity to save money and improve their level of service. We are confident that in putting our customers first we can realize our vision to become the finest and most respected retail energy provider in the United States.

Many states now allow competition for both residential and commercial customers. Ambit currently offers its products in Texas and New York. Other states will be following in the months and years to come. The residential market for electricity alone is over $1.6 trillion nationwide.

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