New York


Energy Deregulation New York

As it is in most states, New York's energy utilities were once operated as regulated monopolies, providing the transmission wires (delivery) and the electricity you use (supply). Today in New York, consumers can choose not to pay monopoly providers for supplying electricity. Ambit Energy is now an Energy Services Company (ESCO) approved by the New York Public Service Commission (PSC) to sell electricity and natural gas service in the State of New York. Ambit buys power in bulk from energy power plants so we can pass the savings on to New York consumers with a competitive price on energy supply.

In New York, a customer's energy bill is divided into two parts—supply and delivery. The utility company charges for delivering power to the residence. Delivery charges typically encompass 50% of the total charges. As a state-approved ESCO, Ambit Energy charges for the supply of energy—in other words, for the amount of power actually used.

When a customer chooses Ambit Energy, both the utility delivery charges and the ESCO supply charges will be included on the same bill.

Meanwhile, the PSC ensures safe and reliable delivery through continued regulation of energy utilities.

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